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In Costa Rica, coffee has achieved great development in this area of the country thanks to the quality of our soil and climatic conditions, so we've become a country that produces one of the best coffees in the world.

On the slopes of one of our volcanoes, Poas Volcano, part of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, are located the coffee plantations where we get our delicious coffee from.

The altitude of our lands, the excellent production process and the experience accumulated in more than six decades of existence make us able to offer you coffee of the highest quality, oriented to a selected market ... A coffee you deserve to enjoy!

For industrialization CoopeVictoria R.L. has a mill "beneficio" equipped with modern tools and facilities to process the coffee beans and get great features at a sensory level.

The company has two coffee brands, which enjoy prestige in domestic and international markets, they are: CoopeVictoria and Monte Camejo.

Our coffee is made of from the most selected beans of manual harvesting. This process is held in the coffee plantations in the mountains of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range of Costa Rica. Our products represent the highest quality Arabica high grown coffee, "Strictly Hard Bean" classification.

This bean is characterized by its physical hardness and cleft closed and its outstanding feature is its exquisite flavor and extraordinary caramel aroma that makes it a global preference coffee.

These attributes can be accomplished thanks to our strict quality control throughout the process. Since the choice of the land, the planting, the plant care with organic fertilizers to protect the environment, the manual harvesting, until the moment a professional taster achieves the ideal flavor, we ensure the quality of our products to offer you the best.

The above, makes our coffee have their qualities of acidity, body, and unique aroma characteristic of the renowned Costa Rican coffee.

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