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Sugar cane was introduced to our country by the Spanish. This product has acclimated very well in some areas of Costa Rica. Specifically, the West Central Valley of the country was the favorite area for its cultivation as Alajuela, Poas Grecia stood out in this agricultural activity. From the colony, sugar cane production reached a considerable development, particularly for the production of “Tapa de dulce” (Crude sugar).

The "Trapiches” or sugar mills proliferated in the area and the "Plaza del Dulce" in Alajuela was listed as one of the most important places of business of the country.

The advances in technology provided the machinery necessary to transform the sugar cane juice into sugar, which revolutionized the market and the traditional customs of the people. Therefore, we had the vision and financial ability to invest in an activity that would be of great importance not only for the area, but for the country in general.

In its first year of operations, Cooperativa Victoria processed almost 30,000 tones of cane during the harvest 1943-1944. This number rose steadily to an increase of 500%. The rapid growth was due, in addition to expanding the cultivation area, to the introduction of new and better varieties of cane and the application of new technologies, which increased the yield per hectare.

Nowadays, CoopeVictoria’s Mill is one of the best in the country, both in its infrastructure as in its production capacity (250 tons x harvest), modern equipment, and the professionalism of its staff.

Our facilities are improved year by year in order to provide the best service and provide our customers with high quality products.


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