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Let us support our local economy!
¡Letís consume what is really ours!

What are UDIS??
The UDI (Solidarity Exchange Units) are issued and backed vouchers to be used as means of payment or local exchange..

Its main purpose is to promote the preference for local consumption so that the community resources are invested in it

The "UDIS vouchers" are as safe and easy to use as the Colones(Ę), since they are also made in paper money and with the same security measures to prevent falsification. Also hold the same value, so one UDI is equivalent to one colon

Local Trade Network

There is a considerable Trade Network in our community. The members of this network businesses offer a wide range of products and services purchased with UDIS, such as groceries, personal items, health services, fuel, hardware products, household appliances, cleaning materials, supplies, and many others more.

UDIS Program Benefits

1. It strengthens the economic and social relations in our community.
2. Generates more production, trade, services and jobs in the area.
3. encourages consumption of local products by promoting the local economy.
4. Save Colones, these will be available for other expenses.
5. ABy reducing the use of colons, thereby reducing the incidence of assaults.

Advantages of using UDIS
Purchase products or services using UDIS increases the opportunity for special pricing, discounts, promotions, free products, additional services, raffles, prizes and more.


Text Messaging (SMS)

CoopeVictoria supported by STRO is working hard to implement the new transaction system, which allows among other things the balance inquiries, payments in shops in the network, ask for important information and also allows CoopeVictoria to send important information for each and every one of the partners of CoopeVictoria , it is a powerful communication tool which implements all the best of technology to CoopeVictoria, continue to growing not only commercial but also technologically.

Thanks to this system with asimple text message you can take your cell phone fast, easy and secure their important information such as your account balance in UDIS. This system is not limited to just this, and although at present we are innovating with the consultation and information by means of text messages (SMS) by the same means in the near future you can even make payments for purchases made in affiliated retailers CoopeVictoria network.

Some examples of information currently available for text messages are:

  • Almacén.

  • Estación.

  • Café.

  • Caña.

  • Leña

The format to be followed to perform the query is:

INFO (information on request)


By replacing "ALMACEN" by some of the other data obtained important information and useful.


Some other services that are not currently available, but where the development team is working are:

  • Payments Service Station
  • Payments in store
  • Payments in shops affiliated with the network.
  • Payments between partners.



  • Online consultation for your account at UDIS.
  • Online transactions.
  • Monitoring movements on your account
  • Publication of advertisements on the Web site (sales, rentals, etc..)

These services will be implemented gradually, giving training to users to facilitate their use.

How to participate in this project?

We can all accept UDIS as payment for our work or for the products and services we provide to the community. With the UDI we will get better prices for the goods we consume, yet we give preference to local businesses, and encourage social and economic growth of our community. Let us ensure that the resources generated in the community are reinvested in it, for the benefit of all!

¡Ask your employer UDIS as a way of payment for your salaries, services or products offered!

Approach CoopeVictoria RL and ask how to acquire or increase the amount of UDIS you currently receive.


UDIS Proyect e-mail




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